Sensual Spa Box

Embrace the moment! Boost the romance in your life.

Light your essential oil candle Sensual the graceful sultry scent will help you feel gorgeous and divine. Lovely to use anywhere in your home especially when you are pampering yourself. Add a few drops of your Rose Essential Oil to your bath or oil diffuser to create a peaceful and calming environment lightening your mood. Or blend your essential oil with a standard oil and massage it into your feet and wrists for that enhanced effect. Patch test required. Apply your Rose and Pink Pepper Hand Treatment to naturally hydrate and condition your hands leaving them silky smooth, the decedent Rose scent will leave you feeling in the romantic mood. Don’t forget your Spiced Cranberry Tinted Lip Balm a subtly tinted lip balm, will moisturise your lips with a fruity tinted lip balm!

Leaving your lips tasting and looking fabulous.

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Bouquet Size shown is our Standard Bouquet (£19.50).

How to use Essential Oils.
Our essential oils are easy to use by blending them with a standard oil for the bath, oil diffuser or massaging into the skin. Never use essential oils undiluted on your skin. Skin patch test required before use!

How to use Hand Treatment.
Squeeze a little of the rich, hand lotion into your hands. Massage into the skin from your wrist to your fingertips.

How to use Lip Balm.
Apply liberally and evenly as often as necessary to lips. For external use only.

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