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The Well-Being Collection

Boost your wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Bouquet and Spa Boxes have been lovingly created to boost your Wellbeing.  The Wellbeing Bouquet is wrapped in our branded gold Bees brown paper and finished with a beautiful natural raffia bow.  

All our flowers and foliage featured in the Wellbeing Bouquet  can be grown in your garden at home.

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

The Wellbeing Spa Box Collection has been carefully handpicked and designed with a mix of high quality brands to offer an optimum Home Spa Experience.  Our senses are a powerful tool, something Essential Oils benefit from.
The powerful scent of aromatherapy also can support relaxation, stress relief, and can also help aid mood and wellbeing. Each Edition Spa Box offers a unique encounter for your particular needs to help your revitalise yourself in today busy world.

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